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Since I was a mere year 7 (11 or so years old) and acquired a BlackBerry phone, I have always took pictures of people, something we coined the name ‘MUGGY’ for in Liverpool.  Anyway, once snapchat came to popularity I would sample these pictures and make f**ked up collages with people faces and limbs. However, at the time of doing so I didn’t think I was making collage or art, I would just make them with the innocent intention of spinning the phone around and making someone giggle at an image of themselves or the opposite, try snatch the phone off me to delete the image.

More recently, while reflecting inwards I thought ‘ooo this could make a fun little project’ so recollected some older images I had made over this year and made a bunch of new ones using images of friends and family to create this meme worthy zine for you to enjoy.

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