ASBO Magazine Issue 14

Me and 5 other designers from the Leeds Beckett Uni Graphic Design course were seleted based on our artistic interests and the spaces we work in to put together issue 14 of ASBO magazine. ASBO magazine is a charity based fashion, music and culture magazine operating out of London with a focus on Northern artists from less priviledged backgrounds. They provide opportunities to artists like myself. I had the pleasure of designing a handful of articles, 3 covers (out of 6) and help organise the project. Issue 14 (50,000 copies) was relesed in late April 2023 and is available for free in Rough Trade and other record stores worldwide.


(this selection used in print and online was designed by me)


Sino Park (Fashion Designer)

Street Style: Liverpool

Derrick Nenzo (Music Feature)

Editors Letter + Credits