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NERD Content 

I released NERD on Valentines 2024 as a big middle finger to the high school bully turned finance bro who drives a black badge BMW and treats others like shit. I wanted to do something stand out and outlandish for the content and music video (see on Home Page>Music Videos). I put to use my photo manipulation skills and partnered with my photography friend to shoot some really cool edits, create a fake hotline service featuring lyrics from the song and create some unique merch spinning off popular American sweet brand ‘NERDS’.

Nenzo NERDs front

Nenzo NERDs Merchandise

 Instagram Fridge Post

Nenzo photoshoot slide 1
Nenzo NERDs back

 Reciept for Video Intro

Instagram Phone Line Post

Nenzo photoshoot slide 2

Nenzo Value Supermarket Photo Manipulation Post

 Supermarket Gig Promo