Hi, I’m Derrick Nenzo... I’m originally from Melbourne but spent ages 5-21 in Liverpool, UK. I make provocative, self aware and satirical art using multiple mediums including graphic art, music videos, publications and more. I often use these mediums with an idealistic lens to explore fantasy worlds that amplify reality. I specialise in my own blend of multi-medium collage, image manipulation and art direction (including for video) and am actively pursuing a music career.

(me at Commune 2.0 Exhibition)

Full bio

Born in Melbourne, Australia to two scouse parents, I moved to Liverpool, UK at age 5 and was hit with a culture shock when I was told I couldn’t walk around barefoot on the pavement as I had previously done. I caught on eventually and was a solid student hitting straight A’s across my GCSEs. After achieving this and realising the only thing that had led me to was the next milestone of A-levels, my passion for academia diminished and I sought after a new passion in the arts (although I didn’t realise that’s what it was at the time).

In secondary school I had tried my hand at creating youtube videos under the alias GezzaFezza, suprisingly, people in school respected it rather than trying to knock me down for it which suprised me having attended an all boys, Catholic school that was stuck in the 50’s. While creating videos I got familiar with Sony Vegas Pro, Photoshop and Premiere which would set the foundation for my future interest in Graphic Design.

Moving on, I went to Carmel College for Sixth Form and finally met other like minded creatives and people who didn’t have the super macho mindset of my previous school. I meshed very well and look back with fond memories. It was here that I put my Photoshop knowledge to use by studying Graphic Design for the first time. I started to develop an idea of what would eventually become my personal taste experimenting with de-collage, logo design and creating my own clothing line ‘Teeth ‘N’ Tongue’ which got stocked in local Liverpool streetwear stores. This was around the same time I copied over a bootleg Logic 9 from my sisters laptop and started to experiment with making music. I got into this pretty heavily and made 1-2 beats everyday for 3 years.

I spent 2 years out of education after A-Levels creating music, visual art and music videos with some success racking up over 1m streams across digital streaming platforms (Spotify/ Youtube/ Apple). In 2020, lockdown home life was pretty hard and I was very depressed. I needed a change and the only way I saw possible was to take my grades that I achieved at A-level and go to University. At the last minute in September, I called a bunch of different Universities; Manchetser, Liverpool, Newcastle and finally Leeds Beckett allowed my late admission.

In mid 2022, I knew roughly what direction I was heading in visually at this point, referrencing 1950s British nostalgia inspired by the likes of Nadia Lee Cohen and Gary Taxali with heavy use of collage. I liked theatrical videos with meaningful stories that could be open to interpretation beyond surface level visuals. I released one of my favourite songs of mine called ‘Beverley’ then followed up with a meticulously planned video I directed for a song called ‘Had Enough’ with reference to Guy Fawkes, Charlie Chaplin and my Scouse origins with my mother featured in the opening scene (click here to access Music Videos). I have since embarked on numerous other passion and freelance projects.

While in third year of Uni (2023) I directed, produced and coloured 2 professional quality music videos, directed and edited a realistic looking collage style photoshoot and designed and produced multiple publications whilst maintaining a constant presence in the local Leeds music scene, flyering gig posters around individual houses, playing at shows, opening for other artists and releasing music.

Since attending and graduating University (with a 1st and an award for Most Original Work), my art has improved leaps and bounds, having meshed with other creatives coming up in the arts scene and expanding my artistic palatte. I now sit on top of a varied and expansive design portfolio and have released a full length indepenedent music project titled ‘...and other creepy crawlies, Pt.1’ under my professional music alias ‘Derrick Nenzo’. 

(me and arthur (fen tiger productions) in Kensington, Liverpool on the set of the Had Enough music video)

What Now?

I graduated from Uni last summer and have been working odd jobs and taking on freelance work since. I have released more music and another music video yet want to pursue Graphic Design professionally and contribute to cool work for brands to help them find and develop their identity. My visual style has been described as ‘kitsch’ but I can morph to match different brands and styles of design and help to add an unorthadox perspective on branding to find that ‘standout’ marketing edge in a companies branding.

I feel my time in Liverpool and Leeds is done and I am ready for a new adventure in a new city and am open to work in new countries. I want to get involved in interesting work and contribute to something bigger than myself all the while making new friends and creative connections.

me on the ‘had enough’ music video shoot

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